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An overview of the GFSC

The Gulf Flight Safety Council (GFSC) was formed early 2000 and actually began over a cup of coffee in Oman, when a small group of individuals sought to establish a focus for Gulf regional flight safety issues. From those humble beginnings the GFSC has grown into a diverse organisation consisting of members from all over the region and around the world, including manufacturers, regulators, air traffic service providers, business jet and VVIP operators, airlines and cargo operators and many more.

The Council meets twice yearly in April and October to promote safety improvement initiatives and hosts an annual Safety Summit each year in December.

The Vision of the GFSC is to:

  • Pursue the highest standards of aviation safety for the region.
  • Maintain a web-site to facilitate the free exchange of aviation safety data.
  • Maintain an appropriate liaison with other bodies concerned with aviation safety.

Our next meeting

GFSA meetings follow a two-day format. We have 2 meetings per year, in April and October. We will also host an Aviation Safety Summit in December each year. 

On behalf of Gulf Flight Safety Association (GFSA) and Emirates Airline, you are cordially invited to attend the Gulf Flight Safety Association Meeting (01-2019) to be held on 24-25 April, 2019 at Emirates Flight Training Academy, Dubai, UAE.

Please make a note for your calendar and if you are planning to attend email the GFSC Secretary info@gfsc.aero

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Join the GFSC

GFSC Membership is open to all aviation related organization in the Gulf region who want to be part of a safety-focused group. There are many benefits of membership, however the most important is the sole focus of continous improvement of safety through information and experience sharing.

Aviation is a complex and fast-moving environment. There is no way that one company can learn and improve simply based on their own experiences. The GFSC provides you with a network of safety professionals with which you can network, share experiences, discuss challenges and develop strategies. This is all done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is based on a continous improvement culture.

For more information about joining the GFSC feel free to contact our Membership Coordinator directly on membership@gfsc.aero.

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Feedback please!

In any organization feedback is extremely important. The Executive Committee of the GFSC wants to get feedback from members on how we can improve and what you want to hear about.

This is especially important for our meetings as our members can let us know what topics they want to hear more about or which expert speakers we can discuss. One of the core principles of the GFSC is the sharing of safety information, which we strive hard to do. We can only focus our energies and time properly if we have productive feedback from our members on what the key issues are at the moment. 

To provide feedback on any aspect of the GFSC please feel free to contact our Chairman directly. This ensures that he can make sure your feedback counts and is taken into consideration. Contact him on chair@gfsc.aero

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